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Core Brands 

  • Citizen

    One of the world's largest and renowned watchmakers, Citizen Holdings Co. Ltd is a Japanese global corporate group that was established in the year 1918 in Tokyo. They are noted for incorporating innovative and groundbreaking technologies in their timepieces. Citizen introduced Eco-Drive watches, a radical technology in the horological world. The Eco-Drive watches work on batteries that are recharged by a hidden solar panel on the face of the timepiece. The Atomic Timekeeping work on Radio Controlled Timekeeping, a technology that automatically sets to the time zone it is in. The list of innovative and futuristic timepieces that have been created by this brand can go on. With chronographs that are stylish, chic yet classy, Citizen is a brand that can impress and amaze every client.

    Swiss Time House has a diverse collection of Citizen Watches in all their outlets and also at the Citizen Boutique in Oberon mall.

  • Casio

    Casio Computer Company, Limited is a Japanese Company that was established in the year 1946, and is headquartered in Tokyo. The brand is well known to be a technological trendsetter in electronics, and in the horological world it is known to be an archetype for sturdy, powerful yet fashionable watches. This brand offers timepieces that are diverse in designs and style, thereby catering to every type of patrons, from sports lovers to party goers. With collections like Baby-G and G-Shock that are a rage among youngsters and adults alike, Casio has been able to build a special status for itself in the world of horology and among watch aficionados. 

    Swiss Time House is well known for its wide range of Casio watch collections at their outlets and the Casio Showroom at Lulu mall. 

  • Fastrack

    As one of the most popular brands among the Indian youth, Fastrack ensures that its clientele get the best of style and sophistication. With a wide range of snazzy and trendy assemblage of youth accessories, this label instigates new fashion marks of the times, a feat accomplished by giving immense importance to details and designs. From casual designs for everyday use to sporty models for adventurous outings, Fastrack is a must-have time teller.

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  • Seiko

    Seiko Holdings Corporation or simply Seiko is a Japanese company that was established in the year 1881. Ever since, this brand has amazed, enchanted and awed the horological world with its exceptional expertise in watch making. Seiko was the first brand to produce quartz watches, which revolutionized the watch making industry. The brand then went on to produce the first quartz chronograph, another major accomplishment. It is perhaps their futuristic vision combined with mechanical pre-eminence that has helped to produce some of the most revolutionary watches in the world. Seiko is the official timekeeper of many sporting events, and is also the sponsor of FC Barcelona.

    With timepieces that are unique and ahead of their time, it is no wonder that this brand is one of the most sought after watchmakers. Swiss Time House was the first to open a Seiko Boutique in Kerala, India. We offer a wide range of the best and latest collections of Seiko watches at the best prices.

  • Sonata

    Owned by Titan Industries, Sonata is one of the largest selling brands in India. As the name suggests, the timepieces are graceful and refined yet modest and deferent like classical music. The brand caters to all types of clientele and delivers elegant and sophisticated that are produced with precise and intricate assembly. Sonata has a wide collection of time tellers for every occasion.

  • Timex

    One of the oldest companies in the horological world, Timex is a brand that has been popular among the masses for decades. With a rich heritage in watch making, Timex timepieces are known for their sturdy and unimpeachable machinery. This brand is particularly popular among the youngsters and has stylish and subtle models for every occasion, from sports to parties, or a simple outing with friends. Timex is a pioneer in making high precision timepieces, a practice acquired through decades of watch making, giving it a special place in that discipline.

    Swiss Time House offers an array of stylish and youthful Timex timepieces.

  • Titan

    The most renowned brand name in India, Titan Company is a joint venture between the Tata Group and Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation and headquartered in Bangalore. Titan is one of world’s largest manufacturers and exporters in wristwatches. As a brand which foresaw the significance of design and style synchronized with function and utility, Titan is able to cater to every clientele in the society with their time pieces. Each time teller is perfected with immense care and precision from beginning to end with the most modern technology to create stylish, chic yet classy designs.

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