The most reassuring answer first: Buy Rado only from an authorized watch seller.

If you love a Rado, it has to be a genuine Rado. It’s more than a watch. It’s a legend, created by the masters of materials. Their innovative technology, unmatched quality and precision, inspiring design – all come together in the making of this unique marvel.

Swiss Time House, India’s most trusted watch seller, showcases a definitive collection of Rado watches for men and women. As an authorised seller, Swiss Time House possesses proven expertise and profound experience to identify a real, authentic Rado watch. If you want to know the one you wear is a genuine Rado or not, you can talk to our experts at one of our showrooms.

There are a large number of blogs, articles and videos on the Internet that say how to identify a genuine Rado. But how do we trust them? How do we ensure that what they say is always true? Even if some of them are facts, no one can totally be sure about it. That’s where you can trust someone like Swiss Time House, who has been in the business since 1946.

No counterfeit product can match the class, quality and beauty of a Rado. And no one can match the legacy, expertise and the trust of Swiss Time House.

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